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  • Business cards for different occasions

    Posted on 07/02/2014 by | Comments Off on Business cards for different occasions

    Business cards are your networking essential. They’re great when you want to share your details with customers and business contacts at conferences, exhibitions and meetings.


    But business cards don’t have to be just about your job. Perhaps you don’t run your own business, but still want to be able to swap your details as simply as possible.  Well, here are some other types of business card out there…


    Mummy Cards   

    Mummy Cards are a new way to share your child’s important contact, allergy or emergency info and keep in touch. They’re perfect for busy mums and dads. You can add a photo of your family and customise with fun fonts, colours, text and more. You can even personalise the reverse side of your cards.


    Here are the top 5 uses for mummy cards:


    • Hand out when setting up playdates
    • Leave one with the babysitter
    • Put one in your kid’s backpack
    • Use them for changing bag tags
    • Tuck into Christmas cards and party invitations





    Networking Cards    

    You can use your personalised networking card as a mini-snapshot of your CV and key accomplishments. Whether you’re just starting out in a new role or taking the next step in your career, these sleek cards will give you an edge over your competitors. Create a personal identity you can be proud to share at career fairs, networking events and everyday introductions.




    Appointment Cards    

    This type of business card is more related to your work and a great addition to your marketing  materials. You can use these cards to help your customers remember their next appointment. They’re perfect for hairdressers and beauticians, not to mention dentists, acupuncturists and chiropodists.




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  • How to take the perfect picture?

    Posted on 18/12/2013 by | Comments Off on How to take the perfect picture?

    Expert photography tips from Vistaprint


    Everyone loves a great photo, but how do you make sure you really capture the moment? Well,

    take the best photos you can with these top tips from professional celebrity and children’s photographer, Ian Derry.


    • Plan ahead: Think about when and where you’ll take the best shots. Get yourself into position and adjust your camera’s settings beforehand so you don’t miss anything


    • Mix it up: Vary your shots so you get a nice selection of images. Having a good collection will alter the pace when flicking through your photo album or photo book


    • Switch off the flash: Turn off your camera’s flash and select a low-light setting so you’re less intrusive. You want people to forget you’re snapping away as it allows you to take more natural photos


    • Don’t hold back: Take lots of photos, more than you need. When you review your shots, you’ll notice how different they are and you may have some real gems. You can always delete the pictures you don’t want


    • Prepare the scene: In addition to spontaneous snaps and off-camera shots, a well-organised group picture can be a fantastic addition to your collection


    Once you’ve taken some great photos, you’ll want to make the most of them.


    One way to do this is with photo books. Our photo books come in a range of sizes and feature various stylish cover options, including leather and canvas. Each photo book is made from high-quality glossy paper and durable binding, so your memories will last for years to come.


    Custom phone cases are another fun and practical way to capture your favourite moments. Our cases, which are available for both iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones, also make an ideal gift.


    You can check out our full range of personalised photo products at




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